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Passenger Seats and Seating Systems

Innovative Solutions for Bus and Train Passenger Transport

Adjustable and non-adjustable seats for city buses, intercity, and long distance coaches. Folding passenger seats for wall mounting. Mechanical and air-suspended driver's seats. Swivel seats to be installed in ambulances and special transport vehicles. High quality passenger seats for school buses. Large cushion car seats. Buses and minibus tuning and retrofit. Vacuum-formed anti-vandal protection covers. Details and spare parts made of formed elastic polyurethane foam.

Quality guaranteed

«VEEM Automotive Furniture» was established in 2000. The core activity is the manufacturing of passenger seats for public transport, seating for various types of buses, trolleybuses, trams, carriages, drivers' seats for coaches and trucks, as well as upholstery and cabinet furniture for homes, offices, banks, hotels, educational and medical institutions.

Over the past ten years «VEEM» has produced over a half million seats. The production facilities and warehouses cover more than 20 thousand m² in which powder coated metal frames, plastic details, chairs, and foamed cushions are produced.

Full-packaged textile- and assembly sections are based nearby the manufacturing area, with a team consisting of highly skilled engineers, technicians, specialists together with professionally experienced staff. The main objective is to manufacture modern, high-quality, safe and competitive products in compliance with international safety standards for passenger transportation. The products quality is controlled and guaranteed by strict compliance with the requirements of international design and technological documentation. Effective input- output monitoring by the IT department of technical control as well as testing in accredited laboratories toward certification.

Exports constitutes 30% of the total amount of output and «VEEM» constantly develops new and innovative solutions to be one step ahead of the competition. Well-trained designers and engineers are guided by latest ideas and trends, using latest developments, regularly presenting new products at international exhibitions and seminars. «VEEM» has repeatedly won recognition by being awarded highest rating.

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