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MODEL CB-2.6800.014-02

Production of passenger seats for any transport facilities


Model CB-2.6800.014-02

  Seat model CB-2 is designed to equip the driver's seat in vans, trucks, buses, trams, and trolleybuses. The seat has a modern design. The back has lateral support and meets all ergonomic requirements, ensuring maximum comfort for the driver. Adjustable backrest and cushion's movement in the horizontal plane, height adjustment of the anti-vibration module and hardness depends on the weight of the driver.
  1. Folding armrests
  2. Seat tilt mechanism optional
  3. Adjustment of the tilt back till 26°
  4. Adjustment of the height 100 mm
  5. Regulation of stiffness depending of weight
  6. Longitudinal movement 150 mm
  7. 3-point security belt
  8. Upholstery fabric in many colours
  9. Weight 28 kg
  10. AutoCAD drawing download


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